A unique, protected, surprising environment

Gently nestled on the southern slopes of the outermost rim of the hills of the Friuli moraine amphitheater, Borgo Sant’Andrea is set amidst one of the most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of the region, that embraces the whole plain below it, up to the hill of Santa Margherita del Gruagno. These rolling hills were formed by the great charge of sediments released during the last retreat of a huge glacier, in the Quaternary period. This is a fertile land and rich in water, dotted with small forests, blessed with abundant flora and wildlife. A legend tells of an ancient lake in the plain below, that has now vanished, whose traces can be found in the areas of wet meadowland and natural springs from which a very interesting system of small streams and "torrents" gush forth, true natural and environmental paradises. A landscape and surroundings that amaze both for their beauty as well as their similarity to the most famous Italian and French winegrowing regions.

The wine estate stands amdist a myraid of small country roads, far away from any heavy traffic, any industries or intensive farming or animal husbandry; here silence and peace reign supreme, broken only by the hushed sound of footsteps or the chirping of birds. Its rich fauna makes it the perfect place for birdwatchers, walks or bike rides.

The Vineyard

A vineyard with ancient roots, its uniqueness

The terroir is blessed a specific soil and morphologic heritage that was molded by an ancient glacier. Its ideal southernly exposure, cooled by breezes wafting from the Adriatic Sea and sheltered from the cold, northern winds, combined with the grapevines’ altitude of between 150 and 230 meters above sea level and the resulting broad temperature ranges and the delayed ripening of its fruit, guarantee the vineyards of Borgo Sant'Andrea a variety of microclimates and microhabitats that are unique and irreproducible. Thanks to the relationship of respect that man has built with the environment, this has resulted in wines with an unmistakable character and personality. Wines that are aromatic and elegantly perfumed... the natural and sincere expression of the this terroir’s peculiar wine vocation.


A fascinating place, rich in history, legends and emotions

The written history of this land and of this village dates back to the 11 th of June 983, when the German Emperor Otto II granted sovereignty over five castles, including Brazzacco, to Rodoald, the Patriarch of Aquileia.

The entire hill area of Friuli was as a matter of fact dotted with castles, that were essential for controlling the rare and crucial communication passageways of that time. These followed the ancient trails tred by the Celts up until the main roadways of the present day, all based on the pre-existing Roman roads.

At Brazzacco, a very extensive defensive wall encircled both the two upper and lower castles, their boundary walls as well as their very extensive lands.

The town of Sant'Andrea englobes all the ruins of the ancient Lower Castle of Brazzacco that was burned down during the raids in 1309 and the revolts of 1511, along with the main tower, the little church and the parish house, the latter as well harking back to the year 1000. This is in addition to homes, cottages, barns, sheds and everyhthing necessary for the daily life of many dwellers of the village and the agricultural needs throughout the ages.


On our first label … we have put the Bubbles!

Prosecco bubbles to celebrate the new path taken by Borgo Sant’Andrea’s winery.

Bubbles representing the sparkling freshness and the enthusiasm with which we wish to tell the world about the distictiveness of the fruits grown in our Friuli hills.

Bubbles to toast together at every occasion with the balance, the subtle elegance and astonishing bouquet of our Borgo Sant’Andrea Prosecco Millesimato!

Prosecco Millesimato Brut - DOCProsecco Millesimato Brut – DOC

Essential, elegant, fine perlage and with minimal residue in sugars, to appreciate the magic of the territory of origin in all its pure freshness and the most sincere expression of our grapes.


Prosecco Millesimato Extra Dry - DOCProsecco Millesimato Extra Dry – DOC

Crafted with 100% Glera grapes grown in the hilly moraine amphitheater of our region. It has a subtle and elegant bouquet with a characteristic fresh flavor and a fine and persistent perlage.


Still Wines

Our wines, the pleasure of discovery, the beginning of a journey

Fascinated by the beauty and characteristics of the territory, when starting the first steps of the new course of the cellar, we were curious to "feel", "taste" and "know" the fruits of the historic vineyard, to understand its characteristics and peculiarities, comparing them with our expectations and forecasts suggested by the particular type of soil and its history.

We placed ourselves at the first harvest like a painter in front of a landscape and a blank canvas. With the desire to bring as much as possible what we were seeing directly in the first bottles, leaving nature to do most of the work and find in the wine all the characteristics of the vines, the soil and the climate.

Grapes harvested at perfect ripeness, soft pressing, control of fermentation temperatures and the least possible intervention in the cellar for natural, young, savory and character wines, pleasant on all occasions.

From the next harvests, thanks to our winemaker, we will discover and highlight even more the peculiarities of the Sant’Andrea vineyards, leaving its grapes the opportunity to express themselves in all their naturalness!


Chardonnay – The new gold – Friuli DOC

Gold color, elegance and refinement: the ingredients of our Chardonnay. A wine of great seduction, rich and enveloping, almost exuberant with its bouquet of mature golden apples, custard, acacia flowers, citrus fruits and vanilla.



Friulano – Proud to be – Friuli DOC

Proud of the wine that distinguishes our region. We love our land and we are proud of this 100% Friuliano grapes! It envelops you with scents of pear, acacia flowers and peach, with notes of wildflower honey and almond.



Pinot Grigio – Shades of – Friuli DOC

Not the usual gray: golden yellow and coppery reflections, with the scent of fresh fruit, pastries and powdered sugar. Intriguing, balanced and persistent taste, the right mix to color every moment of the day.



Merlot – The authentic – Friuli DOC

Elegant and refined with a ruby ​​red color, a cosmopolitan globetrotter who fits perfectly into our territory and emphasizes its aromas and flavors: an explosion of red fruits, violets and rose petals. Soft, harmonious and full, it can adapt to all convivial situations with great class.



Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso – The new black – Friuli DOC

A timeless classic, our refosco amazes you. Red like a precious ruby ​​with violet reflections, it smells of fruits and jams, captivates you with its strong character and surprises you with its pleasantness.




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