Gently nestled on the southern slopes of the outermost rim of the hills of the Friuli moraine amphitheater, Borgo Sant’Andrea is set amidst one of the most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes of the region, that embraces the whole plain below it, up to the hill of Santa Margherita del Gruagno. These rolling hills were formed by the great charge of sediments released during the last retreat of a huge glacier, in the Quaternary period. This is a fertile land and rich in water, dotted with small forests, blessed with abundant flora and wildlife. A legend tells of an ancient lake in the plain below, that has now vanished, whose traces can be found in the areas of wet meadowland and natural springs from which a very interesting system of small streams and “torrents” gush forth, true natural and environmental paradises. A landscape and surroundings that amaze both for their beauty as well as their similarity to the most famous Italian and French winegrowing regions.

The wine estate stands amdist a myraid of small country roads, far away from any heavy traffic, any industries or intensive farming or animal husbandry; here silence and peace reign supreme, broken only by the hushed sound of footsteps or the chirping of birds. Its rich fauna makes it the perfect place for birdwatchers, walks or bike rides.