Still Wines

Our wines, the pleasure of discovery, the beginning of a journey

Fascinated by the beauty and characteristics of the territory, when starting the first steps of the new course of the cellar, we were curious to “feel”, “taste” and “know” the fruits of the historic vineyard, to understand its characteristics and peculiarities, comparing them with our expectations and forecasts suggested by the particular type of soil and its history. We placed ourselves at the first harvest like a painter in front of a landscape and a blank canvas. With the desire to bring as much as possible what we were seeing directly in the first bottles, leaving nature to do most of the work and find in the wine all the characteristics of the vines, the soil and the climate. Grapes harvested at perfect ripeness, soft pressing, control of fermentation temperatures and the least possible intervention in the cellar for natural, young, savory and character wines, pleasant on all occasions. From the next harvests, thanks to our winemaker, we will discover and highlight even more the peculiarities of the Sant’Andrea vineyards, leaving its grapes the opportunity to express themselves in all their naturalness!  

Chardonnay – The new gold – Friuli DOC

Gold color, elegance and refinement: the ingredients of our Chardonnay. A wine of great seduction, rich and enveloping, almost exuberant with its bouquet of mature golden apples, custard, acacia flowers, citrus fruits and vanilla.


Friulano – Proud to be – Friuli DOC

Proud of the wine that distinguishes our region. We love our land and we are proud of this 100% Friuliano grapes! It envelops you with scents of pear, acacia flowers and peach, with notes of wildflower honey and almond.


Pinot Grigio – Shades of – Friuli DOC

Not the usual gray: golden yellow and coppery reflections, with the scent of fresh fruit, pastries and powdered sugar. Intriguing, balanced and persistent taste, the right mix to color every moment of the day.


Merlot – The authentic – Friuli DOC

Elegant and refined with a ruby ​​red color, a cosmopolitan globetrotter who fits perfectly into our territory and emphasizes its aromas and flavors: an explosion of red fruits, violets and rose petals. Soft, harmonious and full, it can adapt to all convivial situations with great class.


Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso – The new black – Friuli DOC

A timeless classic, our refosco amazes you. Red like a precious ruby ​​with violet reflections, it smells of fruits and jams, captivates you with its strong character and surprises you with its pleasantness.